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10 Things You Will Definitely Find In a Native’s Home

A look at 10 things that can always be found in a Native American Home.

Considering our home is our resting place, a sacred environment that keeps out the troubles of the world, helps us find solace at the end of a tough day – and – a place to store our junk… I mean, sacred objects.

Considering our homes are often filled to the brim with things we just haven’t been able to let go of over the years, we find it now appropriate to create this list: 10 Things you will definitely find In a Native’s Home

Sorry if we are giving away any secrets. By the way, that laundry is piling up, are you waiting for a special occasion?

Old Regalia

Whether it just doesn’t fit anymore or needs a bit of repair, we know you have some in the old closet no one really uses. Nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s not like we can just let it go or anything.


Alternative History Books

Yep, you know which ones I’m talking about, the angry, Indians were not included in history, what the heck is wrong with you historian’s anyway alternative history books. We know you got them sitting prominently on that shelf.


Feathers… a LOT of feathers

If you are anything like me you have them on the bookshelf sticking out of pen holders, carefully placed into Ziploc bags, inside of wooden boxes you name it. If you don't have a lot of feathers, you haven’t started collecting them yet and better get with the program.


Leftover beads

These are something you may not be able to see at first until you hear the clack-clack clackety-clack of the vacuum cleaner spinning beads before it sucks them in. You may also find them walking barefoot as they pinch your skin when walking on a hard kitchen floor. You know you’ve got a load of these pesky little things in your house.


Corn husks

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“Don’t throw away those corn husks,” is something your grandma or wife might have yelled at you last time you were shucking corn. You need these things for gosh sakes, dolls, craft projects and more – hey you never know.


5,000,000,000 containers of craft supplies

Hey let's face it, Natives are a crafting lot – in crafting lies our necessity for living. Yes we know husbands, you just went to the craft store two days ago and you probably have whatever you're buying somewhere in one of those boxes – but you better stop complaining or you won't get any dinner.


Scraps of leather

You know, when you're making regalia and stuff – you have a bunch of leftovers. This is another thing you are not allowed to throwaway.


Eagle pictures

I actually don't think I need to explain this one at all. If you get a chance you might actually want to put them on the wall as well – we know you’re getting around to it, but you've been saying that since 1986.


Pendleton styled anything

Excluding underwear, having something that is Pendleton styled says hey Bub, I’m Native.


Some kind of Wolf – hybrid dog

If you have a truck, they have to stay in back and stand on the edge of the truck bed when you're on the freeway. You know so we can fear for our lives the entire time were driving behind you.