10 New Mascots for Dan Snyder’s ‘Redskins’

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10 New Mascots for Dan Snyder’s ‘Redskins’.

If you’re not part of a Fantasy Football League this NFL season, you might want to start some kind of bidding pot for what the Washington football team’s new name might be. Not to suggest that the team’s owner, Dan Snyder, has decided to change the name, but just in case he has a change of heart, there are options.

Hundreds of new mascot designs for the Washington team were submitted to the web site 99 Designs, which asks graphic artists to compete in designing logos for clients.

Let’s be honest, almost any one of these would be better than the one they currently have.

1.This alternative was submitted by Slate editor David Plotz. Ode to RG III?

2.Ken Meringolo and Kevin Ewoldt of SB Nation offered up the Washington Renegades.

3.If the real Redtails say that this is ok, then why not?

4.Pick a name, any name…

5.Robert McCartney of the Washington Post suggested the Washington Warriors.

These next few logos weren’t part of the design contest.

6.Actually, this one's not too far off from one of the suggestions that were made by a Yahoo contributor. A tempting idea for a political city.

7.According to KorkedBats.com this one might offend cavemen. Darn.

8.And then there’s this one. Hmmm.

9.How ‘bout them…Pigskins?

10.Take away the feathers and we have a winner!

Do you have a favorite?