10 Native-Themed Easter Gifts and Basket Stuffers—No Seriously

Nothing—and I mean nothing—says Easter like Native American gifts. Wait, what? That’s not true at all. Just enjoy the article.

We all loved the Easter Bunny when we were kids, right? Except we never really knew if it was an actual rabbit, or a giant-sized stuffed creature like those you see at the mall. Okay I’m a little weirded out now.

Anyway, since this is a Native publication and Easter is here—let’s celebrate some Easter merriment—Native Style! So here you are, 10 Native-themed Easter gifts to stuff in your basket this year.

Southwest Style Easter Eggs

Just go grab your vial of India ink, felt tipped pens, clear plastic varnish (yes varnish) and a beautiful Native basket to put them in and presto! You’re an instant Easter Indian. Enjoy! (Find instructions here.)

Juanita Brown

Put some Southwest style into your Easter celebration

Chocolate Native American

Are you sick and tired of biting the ears off your chocolate Easter Bunny? ME TOO! How about instead of deafening that poor chocolate bunny (it has no ears, get it—never mind), now you get to bite off a chocolate chief’s headdress! It’s only $4 at the Dunmore Candy Kitchen.

Dunmore Candy Kitchen

Forget biting the ears off chocolate Easter bunnies, check out this guy!


Native Jelly Bean Mural

This gift isn’t for the lazy or last minute gift giver—and it might be hard to fit into your Easter basket. What else is there to say? It’s a chief made out of jelly beans!


How about some jelly bean art for Easter?

First Nations Candy Tins

Remember Zazzle and our Valentine’s Day gifts? Well, here are a plethora of First Nations candy tins to fill any size Easter basket.


Need somewhere to store some of that Easter candy, do it with a First Nations tin.

Native Chickie

Well, actually it’s a partridge, but it looks kind of Easter-ish. I think it would look pretty great as part of any Easter decorum—$35 on RubyLane.com.


How about a festive partridge?

Jemez Pueblo Handmade Easter Basket

Okay, this handmade Jemez clay Easter basket was on ebay. No joke here—it’s awesome. Benjamin Geraldine “Laguna Flower” Toya are Jemez Pueblo. Benjamin is a member of the Acorn Clan, and Geraldine is a member of the Coyote Clan.


This handmade Jemez Pueblo Easter basket is simply awesome.


Native Rabbit Tattoo

We wanted to make sure to throw in a bit of Easter weirdness with a full-out Rabbit tattoo complete with a smoking peace pipe. The tattoo of this lucky recipient just screams Native American Easter.


How about a permanent homage?


Umm…sorry, it’s just not Easter without Peeps. Stick a feather in one of them.

It’s just not Easter without these marshmallow treats.

Navajo Blanket Toy Rabbit

Cute overload! This little varmint is sure to cheer up the kids. Oh wait, not intended for children under 13… does that mean they’re dangerous? Purchase with caution.


How about this adorable toy rabbit made from a Navajo blanket?

Lollipop Headdress

Wow! Can you imagine? Okay, okay, this is a display, but we can dream, can’t we? There’s a big spender out there who might just buy this giant bad boy for 24/7 headdress lollipops! Talk about a REAL NATIVE AMERICAN EASTER!


How about a lollipop feast—in the form of a headdress?


How about a lollipop feast—in the form of a headdress?