10 Native-Style April Fool’s Day Pranks to Play and Pay

Happy April Fool’s Day! Or shall we say, beware of the Native trickster, as are we on this first day of April. It's not a Native holiday, of course, but there's nothing to stop us from joining in the fun. So in celebration of this wonderful day of jokes, pranks, rubber vomit and joy buzzers, here we go, friends and relatives…. Here are 10 Native-style April Fool’s Day Pranks to play on your family, friends, neighbors or, if you can get clearance, the President himself.

Leave some buffalo poop on your neighbor’s porch and ring the doorbell

Ok, this one may be a bit much but … it’s fun to think about. If you really have your heart set on this poop gag, you can substitute any kind of animal poop you might have at your … well, disposal. Eagle poop, Goat poop, wolf poop or chicken poop work just fine.

Photo: Erin Longstocking/rock.paper.scissors

Buffalo poop

Tell your kids it’s Dress Up Like Your Spirit Animal Day

This could truly be hilarious…especially as you drop off your kids at school, to the delight of their classmates. For truly gifted crafters, tell the kids the night before and have a “create your spirit animal outfit” kit complete with construction paper hoofs, antlers, feathers or whatever fits the bill, ready to assemble.

Photo: FunnyFaceProductions.net

Replace your brother’s sweetgrass or sage with Fourth of July Roman candles

Right in the middle of ceremony, just as your brother is about to say some calming words and give a blessing for the day—BOOM! Up everything will go in an impressive explosion. DISCLAIMER: DON’T ACTUALLY DO THIS—ROMAN CANDLES ARE ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS. April Fool’s! 

Photo: Kareem Farooq/Vimeo

Seriously, don't try this at home.

Put a hand-beaded “Kick Me” sign on the back of your cousin’s regalia

Who’s to say an April Fool’s joke can’t be well-crafted? Not only that, if this hand-beaded sign is strategically placed with a slap on the back and a compliment, you can sit back and watch the fun as your cousin dances and gets his you-know-what kicked.

Photo: Kareem Farooq/Vimeo

Seriously, don't try this at home.

Make signs and celebrate Columbus Day

If you have to ask about this one, I’m disappointed. Let’s just say the day creates great opportunities for talking points with passersby and a lot of use for the words “Columbus” and “fool.”

Photo: Kareem Farooq/Vimeo

Seriously, don't try this at home.

Tell your boss it’s Bring a Drum Group to Work Day—and bring a drum group to work

It’s pretty simple, really. Just tell your boss you are honoring your culture by bringing a drum group to work. Play as many songs as you like with 20 or more drummers and singers, preferably right next to the receptionist who answers the phone.

Photo: Vincent Schilling

Four Rivers Drum Group at Nottaway Pow-wow

“Pay a visit” to your non-Native neighbor at 3 a.m. in full regalia, and howl like a wolf

You know that one neighbor who is kinda scared of Indians? Here is a GREAT prank. Dress in full regalia including warrior face paint and sneak into their house at 3am on April Fool’s Day. When they see you, scream at the top of your lungs and say something like, “The Ancestors are here to take back their SACRED LAND!” and howl again.

The neighbors will be sure to get a huge laugh out of this one. Or they might call the police.

Photo: Vincent Schilling

Louis Campbell looking sharp as a Dog Soldier and Tatanka Gibson in traditional wear—perfect for an unsuspecting neighbor.

Tap the friend you are sitting next to on the opposite shoulder and look away fast

Remember this classic? Oh man, it never gets old. Not sure how to do it? Follow this tutorial.

Photo: Wikihow

Hold a phony bingo tournament with terrible prizes

This one will take a bit of planning with the local bingo hall and the printing of flyers, but it will be a HOOT! Then give the bingo winners prizes like pens that don’t work, half-eaten candy bars, and—for that special elder in your life—coupons to tattoo parlors.

My friend did this last year, but the elders got to him after last year’s event. We still miss him every day.

Photo: Wikihow

Tell your friends or family you’ll be there at 6 p.m. Show up at 6 p.m.

Indian time, shmindian time. You’ll fool and flummox everyone with this gem—period.

Photo: Wikihow