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10 More Ways to Tell You Might Be Native American

In this lighthearted way of looking at ourselves, here are 10 More Ways to Tell You Might Be Native American.

Considering the popularity of our first article on this topic, we decided to continue the Jeff Foxworthy inspired list of ways to tell You Might Be Native American.

Yes we have a few of our own ideas—but some folks on social media also had some great ideas. So here we go—10 MORE ways to tell You Might Be Native American. DNA tests do not apply to this article.

If you point with your lips… You might be Native American

Nicole Harrison on Facebook supplied this Native truth when she wrote, “You might be an Indian if you point with your lips & they know what direction u are pointing. He he.”

Do you point like this?

If someone ever caught you talking to an animal, the sky or a tree… You might be Native American

We’ve all done it, we’ve been having a full-blown conversation with a lizard or rosebush (or in the case of this picture, a monkey) and someone walks up and catches us. We, of course, come up with a weird excuse or go into a three-hour rendition on the spiritualty of Native Americans and our relationship to animals and plants.

Vincent Schilling

Have you been caught talking to the animals?

If one of the windows in your house is covered with a blanket… You might be Native American

Jennifer Renee Mars on Facebook called us out on this one. The blanket? It might be a Pendleton or have any type of random design with Indian-style colors, a wolf or a full out picture of a Native American. Of course in case you were wondering, similar sheets also qualify.

Does this look like your house?

If there is a dreamcatcher anywhere in your house, car, school locker or on your keychain… You might be Native American

This includes any style of dreamcatcher—from the seriously ornate to the simple tiny keychain versions. You know you most likely have one somewhere. Yes, tattoos also count.

You know you have some of these…

If every time you’ve gone camping or been to the lake, forest or desert—you’ve looked for arrowheads … You might be Native American

Been there… done that. I have found a few too. Of course some of them might just be triangle shaped rocks, but I live with hope.

How many have you found?

If you’ve been on YouTube for hours looking up Powwow videos… You might be Native American

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@Cheylyn_S on Twitter called this one just right. You know the drill, you’ve navigated to YouTube, typed powwow in the search box and came back to the real world hours later. Yes, #Guilty.

Tina Larkin

From left, brothers Charles, 3, and Michael Barber, 2, run around camp with Anhinga Benally, 3, July 8 at the 26th Annual Taos Pueblo Powwow in 2011.

If you have ever said “Hey Victor” … You might be Native American

Albeit, this one is pretty self-explanatory—Chris Eyre’s Smoke Signals definitely deserves a shout out. If you don’t know what this one is all about—you’d better go watch it Immediately.

Vincent Schilling

"Hey Vikter!"

If you’ve ever shared a “Natives Be Like” or “Native Girl Problems” or “Native Guy Problems” meme … You might be Native American

This is right up there with the first list we posted when we talked about sharing a meme about frybread. These are just as popular on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook—and are just as lovable. Thanks to +Jazzy Boo and +Darron A on Google+ for these.

And… before we go—“Too Rez For You Bro” meme’s also count.

Anything like this look familiar...

Or this one...

If you have a tattoo, want a tattoo or have a friend with a tattoo that is an eagle, hawk, wolf, arrowhead, dreamcatcher, raven, buffalo, deer, feather or bear… You might be Native American

Yes of course, the proverbial marking of a Native person can certainly be ascertained by the presence of a Native-themed tattoo. You get bonus points if the tattoo is all in black. Hoof prints, paw prints and other animal related tracks or a full-fledged Native American chief with a headdress also count towards a positive Native ID.

Got anything that looks like this…

How about this?

Although the jury is still out on Justin Bieber.

We don't know what to say about Justin Bieber…

If you’ve been reading these lists and thought to yourself, “I’ve got a bunch more to add!” … You might be Native American

Considering we saw a TON of responses on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to our last list and a lot of people suggested more, we knew this was a true giveaway that you are most likely Native American! Thanks to Michael Madrid—who gave us six additional possibilities in our last lists comment section.