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10 More Racist Advertisements Featuring Native Americans

Why do these ads for house paint, hair tonic and dog food have to make cheap jokes at the expense of Native Americans?

In our first batch of racist ads featuring Native Americans, we brought you printed pitches that used Natives in condescending ways, usually for no real reason. The comedy of the Native using modern technology or wearing western clothing, the cheap laugh of phrases like "heap big savings", the mockery of ancient ways. In the not-too-distant past, this was sadly acceptable -- today, though, we'd like to think that these wouldn't see the light of day.

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Here are another 10 products of less enlightened times... 

1. Well, It's Better Than "Treaty-Breaking Colonizer"

RC Cola. Source:

2. Start the Day Right by Making Fun of Other Races

Post Toasties. Source:

3. Parody?

Volkswagen ads were famously clever in their day, and this one is mocking the gimmicky pitches of other car companies. But is its use of stereotypical Native American cliches meant to be a statement on such ads' idiocy? Or is it just idiocy on Volkswagen's part? 

Volkswagen. Source: Pinterest

4. Today's Indian Can Operate a Camera

This is actually an advertisement for advertising -- it's a paper company that will print magazines, pamphlets, etc. to get your company's message across. For example, if your company makes cameras and your message is racism, they'll print that up for you.

Oxford Paper Company. Source:

5. Indians Are Experts on House Painting

...even though they all live in tipis and speak broken English, right?

Lowe Brothers Paints. Source:

6. So Many Things Wrong With This

Where do we start?

Johnson Motors. Source:

7. Honoring Ancestors

By pasting them into the background of a hair tonic advertisement.

Jeri's Hair Tonic. Source:

8. Et Tu, Australia?

This Australian mag wheel manufacturer probably shouldn't have called itself Indian Mag Wheels -- but even so, we've seen many a chief-in-warbonnet-profile-logo in our day. You do see the logo in this ad, don't you? Or are you too distraced by the horrendously oversexualized Indian maiden?

Indian Mag Wheels. Source:

9. It's a Dog. Dressed as an Indian.

Who could find this offensive?

Friskies. Source:

10. Here We Go Again...

"Heap big Indian color for paleface feet!" Oh, brother.

Esquire Socks. Source: