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10 Great Photos from the 25th Annual Ganondagan Festival

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Ganondagan, (ga·NON·da·gan) a site of a former traditional Seneca village that is located southeast of Rochester, NY recently held their 25th annual Music and Dance Festival. The two day event included traditional Haudenosaunee singers and dancers lead by Bill Crouse (Seneca) and Zuni Olla Maidens who travelled from New Mexico and contemporary musical artist Daryll Tonemah (Kiowa, Comanche, and Tuscarora).

Traditional Native art demonstrations by Carrie Hill (Mohawk), Peter Jones (Seneca) and Frazer Sundown (Oneida) added a great dimension to the festival.

Michael Galban (Washoe/Paiute) who has been curator at Ganondagan festival over the last 25 years told Indian Country Today, “25 years ago this was a very quiet place. I think now the light under our basket has been exposed.”

Here are 10 great photos from the 25th Annual Ganondagan Festival.

A slow and deliberate old style war dance by Haudenosaunee dancers. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

Angel Jimerson, (Seneca) sang and played the ukelele. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

Liam Dowdy, keeping timing with the drum while the men sing. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

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Bill Crouse, Seneca, leads the men onto the stage. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

Frazer Sundown, Oneida, was on hand giving cornhusk weaving demonstrations. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

Inside the 17th century replica Longhouse there is a variety of cultural items, made in traditional ways. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

Jacob Dowdy leads the social dance in a counter-clockwise motion. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

Smoke dance champion Heath Hill, Oneida, punctuating his last step on beat. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

The Zuni Olla Maidens shared songs as beautiful as their regalia. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

The Zuni Olla Maidens travelled from New Mexico to share their unique dance which honors their ancestors. (Photo by Alex Hamer)

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