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10 Free or Low Cost Things You Can Do For Mom on Mother’s Day

We’ve been doing a lot of fun and lighthearted lists here at ICTMN and at first, I thought of doing a similar list for moms. But considering they had to put up with our antics, bad attitudes, skinned knees, trips to the doctor requiring stiches, broken bones or being sent home from school—I thought they deserved something on the nice side of things.

I also didn’t think we needed too much help in buying stuff for mom, because flowers and breakfast are pretty much standard fare on Mother’s Day.

So instead of listing 10 gifts for mom that you could have found with a Google search, here are 10 things you may not have thought to do—and they don’t necessarily cost a whole lot. But in the “it’s the thought that counts” department—these gestures could be worth a million bucks. Besides, these women had to raise us, they deserve good thoughts that count.

Create a Coupon Book

If you take a bit of time, this could be a nice and thoughtful gesture to show mom she can always call on you for help if she needs it. Staple a stack of slips of paper together and make each slip worth a valuable task. Examples are: This coupon good for one lawn mowed… or good for raking the leaves or good for a lunch at your favorite restaurant. Be creative.


Make a coupon book for mom.

Say Happy Mother’s Day in Your Native Language

If you don’t speak your language, this could show a nice bit of willingness to learn and share something nice. If you do speak your language, good for you, write her a poem in your language. These little things mean so much.

Tell your mom "Happy Mother's Day" in your native language.


Write Her an Actual Letter

When was the last time you wrote your mother a long letter telling her how special she is? To take out time dedicated to her says more than you may ever realize. The written letter is becoming an endangered species, you can make something tangible that rests in her memory for a long time.

Write your mom a handwritten letter to show you care.

Make a Silly Video—Put It on YouTube

Do something silly for your mom and without shame post it for the world to see. If she doesn’t have a way to watch, make a video and play it on her TV. To act silly with abandon is sure to put a smile on her face. Make up a silly song, interview her friends about how great she is or do whatever you think would give her a laugh.

Vincent Schilling

Record a silly video for your mom.

Make a Photo Collage

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Get a frame that holds a lot of photos and put them all together for her to hang proudly. Include kids, grandkids, brothers, sisters—the whole family. This may sound simple, but it is sure to be a hit and remind mom of happy days and fun times.

Make mom a collage featuring all the people she loves.

Take Her on a Picnic

Often times we take mom out for breakfast or lunch, but how often do we go on picnics? Bring her favorite foods and invite the whole family to the park or another gathering place that she would like.


Treat mom to a picnic for Mother's Day.

Take Mom to a Movie

Sounds simple enough? But how often have you actually done this? Ask if she’d like to see her favorite movie and make it a fun mom date. You can also bring her favorite movie to her along with popcorn and other snacks.


Let mom pick a movie outing for Mother's Day.

Handprint T-shirt

Get fabric paint, dunk the kid’s hands in it and make a fun T-shirt with the names on each hand. Easy sneezy.

Make mom a hand print T-shirt for Mother's Day.

Take Mom to Visit an Old Friend

This may take some research, but see if you can find a friend she hasn’t seen in a while and set up a time to visit. You can tell her your plans on Mother’s Day.

Vincent Schilling

Take mom to visit an old friend.

All considered—don’t forget to tell mom thanks for everything. You know you were tough to handle sometimes.