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10 Back to School Items to Show Your Native Style

Want to show your Native style this school year? Here are 10 items that can help.

It’s back to school time again! Whether you’re in college, high school or elementary school—or if you need to fork out the dough for the student in your life—maybe they all would like to show a bit of Native style at school.

So, among the highlighters and pencils, books and snacks, and cell phone and computer accessories, here are 10 Native-themed back to school items to show your Native style:

A Beaded Cell Phone Case

Yes, we know some schools make you turn in your phone or keep them in your lockers, but in those moments you DO have your phone, the folks at such places like and have all sorts of cell phone covers.

Text in your Native language for extra credit!

A beaded cell phone case

A cell phone case with a Native design.

A Pendleton Pencil Case

Imagine you are reaching for a pencil, and out comes a cool Pendleton pencil case—oh yeah!

There are some beautifully handmade pencil cases on the Timberline Treasures Etsy site run by Ginny Vyvyan. They’ll run you $12 each

This pencil case, and other similar designs, are available on Etsy.

Some Native-Themed Glasses

If you’ve been starting to squint or are having some trouble reading the teacher’s notes, you may need glasses. Generally speaking, glasses aren’t cheap, but if you’re going to invest, how about Aya eyewear? Aya is a First Nations brand with cool designs and colors.

Some of these specs were designed by First Nations artist Corrine Hunt, who was commissioned for the first series of AYA Accessories.

One of the many Aya eyewear designs.

A Laptop Skin

What better way to express to the masses a bit about your Native connection? Just check out these Native Laptop skins available at Café Press. From tribal affiliations to artwork and Native proverbs… Café Press has some way cool stuff to slap onto your laptop. I really like “Proud to be Mohawk” for some reason.

One of the many Native inspired laptop skins available on Cafe Press.

A Proud to be... Mohawk laptop skin.

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Herbal Tea

This Warrior’s Brew by the Native American Tea Company is the bomb. This is the type of thing for students who might need that little boost of caffeine-laden black tea in the morning. Warrior’s Brew is enhanced with star anise, orange peel and cinnamon. If you drink this, you are a warrior. The Native American Tea Company brews up all sorts of tea blends, with and without caffeine.

Warrior's Brew from the Native American Tea Company.

You can also try Yanabah Navajo Tea, an herbal tea that is grown on the Navajo Reservation.

Yanabah Navajo Tea is brewed on the reservation.

Native Kicks

Those students wishing to strut around school with smoking hot kicks can just head over to Nike N7 and choose the best in Native style. If anyone doesn’t like them? No worries, you can run faster than them—and look good doing it.

One of the kicks in the Nike N7 collection.


Amazon has an $11 sticker to slap on that hoodie, rez car or any other sticker-worthy location. No one said you couldn’t put it on your laptop—so go for it!

A Native Pride sticker to put, well anywhere.

A Thermos

Café Press to the rescue again for some stainless steel Thermos’s that are Native-themed and ready for your soup or beverages. You might like—but your school might not—the Chief Joseph Thermos with the word “DISOBEY” emblazoned on the front.

A Chief Joseph Thermos.

Native Shirts

Whether you want a T-shirt that says “Indian Hockey” or “First Nation’s Warrior,” or a hoodie with “Native Swagg,” Rosey’s Trading Post is the place to go for some Native style. Check it out.

One of the many shirts available at Rosey's.

Native Pride Baseball Caps

Pretty self-explanatory, a baseball cap that shows your Native pride. Wear it. Now get going to school or you’ll miss the bus.

A cap to show your Native pride.