Featured on the chest, a calendar stick and a warrior’s club signify a new era with the Rising and the Gila River Indian Community, as well as protection to the people. (Photo courtesy of Ashley Orellana/Phoenix Rising)

Sports jersey honors O’odham people

A Gila River Indian Community citizen played a key role in the design

Montana landscape

A great time to be Indigenous

More from an advocate-actress, the legendary man who developed the Cherokee syllabary and an elite marathon runner.

Michael Woestehoff, Navajo Nation citizen

Indian Country, you have options. Demand them!

We need to ask honest questions of our healthcare providers and demand answers

Featured News

Lori Jump, director of the StrongHearts Native Helpline. (Photo courtesy of National Indigenous Women's Resource Center)

How to save a life

We hear from the StrongHearts Native Helpline. Its an organization that helps Native people who have experienced domestic, dating and sexual violence. Plus Kyle Sumatzkuku is in our studio to tell us about his impressive Boston Marathon finish

Jodine Grundy in her Cincinnati, OH studio in September 2021. Grundy taught at St. Mary's Catholic Indian Boarding School on the Colville reservation from 1966-67 until bad dreams and feelings caused her to resign. She has kept the photo behind her of an unknown Indigenous man since her days at the school. (Photo by Mary Annette Pember, Indian Country Today)

St. Mary's Mission: ‘This place is the Devil’

Non-Native teacher remembers her unsettling year at a Catholic Indian boarding school